Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy 2013 and a look back

I started blogging because I really good intentions of keeping it up haha. I just find its much easier to post some of my pics and rantings on my blog than on facebook for example. I dont want all of my facebook audience to be able to see and read my musings. So in thinking about this new year i have decided my resolution is to enjoy myself more!! What more could u need? I dont want to spread my attentions too thin but still I also do not wish to focus all my energy on any one intention because I wish to make many aspects of my life better in many ways. I want to really focus on the things I love so I have started making a list of what I love, the people in my life, fashion, nature photography, instagram and the list can go on and on. Reading, I just got four new wonderful books for Christmas that I had been waiting on for some time! Over the next few days weeks I want to spend time in review of 2012 post some more of my photos, my fashion etc and get my blog going the way I had intended to begin with. Happy and prosperous 2013 to all and to me here's to focusing on what I love! Cheers!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Target summer

I really loved a lot of the styles and fabrics that Target has available this summer. I got this little shirt for a steal...around $10 I think I just enjoy the fabric, happy last days of summer.

Torrid Tiger

I have been lusting after this tiger print shirt by torrid so I finally broke down & placed yet another order :) I have many many ideas in mind for the shirt but here's the first way I wore it, enjoy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Instagram Pics

I was among those patiently awaiting the instagram app for Android, so obviously once it came out I've been an Instagram fool lol. Some of my favorite pics...

Butterfinger Cake!

So among my blog I have honorable mentions from the kitchen. Cooking is something that I truly enjoy and I love coming up with new creations. I whipped this cake up for a friends birthday just from ingredients I thought would work good together. After eating some I have more ideas on how to tweak the recipe in the future to make it even better. I started with a devils food cake, punched holes in it with a straw. Next I poured caramel in the holes, then topped the cake with whipped cool whip and topped with crushed butterfinger pieces. The crowd loved it but I still felt like it was missing something. Maybe I'll make perfection the next time!

Love InPink!

I finally got my jewelry in and I'm so impressed with the quality. I now know where I will be getting my accessories from here on. Love the website love the pricing and love the selection!

Haute Cash time!

Now's the time to redeem Torrid Haute Cash if you got em. I placed my order yesterday and quite possibly went a little overboard lol. But its for a good cause. I scrapped most everything in my closet and decided to start over so a lot of things went to Goodwill a lot of things went to the garbage lol but new me wants a new look. I purchased two sweaters, two tops a jean, a pair of Bermudas and several jewelry items and with all my Haute cash I only had to spend $178 so I felt pretty pleased with myself. So why are there still things I want to buy lol.