Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girls day!

On Saturday my bestie & I went on an all day shopping trip! We had a blast found a lot of good deals and I finally got to go in a Torrid store! It was amazing the atmosphere, the girls working treated us like queens. Had a great time but Torrid was the highlight of the day. Can't wait to get some pics up of all the deals we managed to snag. I got some great skinny jeans and a cardigan in Torrid and I've worn the cardigan twice already lol.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday night

I used to stay up all night on Friday, or party & hang out with friends. Now I'm just tired and all my good ideas have gone for the day so I think I'll go to bed :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


So I'm a bit of a product junkie. If you open my closets or cabinets in the bathroom its a store in there lol. My makeup bag is a suitcase...its no joke. A friend once joked at seeing and said no one can be that ugly lol but I love products!! My favorite thing right now is Lancôme Doll lashes mascara. I got a gift set for Christmas and haven't worn anything else since. It's super light, not flaky or itchy and gives your eye a nice open look with a light feel. I ordered mine from Macy's and it came with mascara, eyeliner, makeup remover and cils lash booster which is a great primer for the lashes and gives that extra volume.

Red Lipstick

So it's been forever since I even tried it but I felt like trying red lipstick once as an adult lol. The result, a fun night with my friends, and felt great doing it!!

I did Torrid this night...with the leopard print tank and black cardigan, jewelry from Cato..

I kept the makeup really simple because of the red lips but I think it worked out...
And my bag that night is a Christmas present from one of my besties a Dolce&Gabbana bag....Love it!!!

And one of my bestie looking super cute in a dress I bought for her off the clearance rack!! Good deals are out there to be found ladies...

Halloween 2011

So after the stress of the holidays and such I moved to a new house and got a bit behind on my blogging and what I planned to do with my blog in general. So I wanted to go back and post some of that stuff better later than never! For Halloween I went as the Angel of Death. I fashioned the costume out of a bustier I got on clearance from Torrid, a jagged hem black skirt and black high heel boots. It was a really simple and sexy costume to pull off. I felt like a goddess all night. Even had my picture taken with a celebrity lol.
Me and Michael Jackson at the Halloween Party lol

I loved the sleeves, I made them from a cheap pair of Halloween stockings..

And I had to add a pic of my bestie here cause she looked a glam vampire...or as I called her a glampire 

We are excited for the upcoming Halloween and as soon as I figure this blogging thing out I am going to go back and post older Halloween pics of us on here....