Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Outfit of the Day!

Just because I said I would revisit the dress I purchase from Lane Bryant, I finally made time to play dress up!! I love digging in my closet and putting together outfits and playing with the camera. One of my  main issues is I wish I had more time to devote to my blogging because it's something I really love to do. So as a reminder here is the dress I purchased as it looked online:

It's still a little cool around here so I decided to forego a sleeveless look this day and I added in an open front short sleeve cardigan, which I love!! I like a little more coverage on my arms over tanks but don't always like a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve so this works perfect for me!!

I threw in the red belt to tie it all together and several strands of red beads because well I like red! It was such a beautiful day out and a great day for a photo shoot lol

Not one of my favorite pics but my husband loved it and wanted me to add it :)

                                                  Relaxing in the swing, its hard to be me!!

I am my worst critic but I really loved this pic of me!

                                                          I was feeling all flirty and cute by this
                                                          point :) Not bad for a gal with no
                                                          makeup on!!

 This is just one of the many many ideas I have for this dress I have been playing with accessories and shrugs and cardigans in my mind all day lol. So happy that Spring is here, I intend to get out there and get more of these OOTD's posted very soon! Thanks for checking out my blog!!

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