Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy 2013 and a look back

I started blogging because I really good intentions of keeping it up haha. I just find its much easier to post some of my pics and rantings on my blog than on facebook for example. I dont want all of my facebook audience to be able to see and read my musings. So in thinking about this new year i have decided my resolution is to enjoy myself more!! What more could u need? I dont want to spread my attentions too thin but still I also do not wish to focus all my energy on any one intention because I wish to make many aspects of my life better in many ways. I want to really focus on the things I love so I have started making a list of what I love, the people in my life, fashion, nature photography, instagram and the list can go on and on. Reading, I just got four new wonderful books for Christmas that I had been waiting on for some time! Over the next few days weeks I want to spend time in review of 2012 post some more of my photos, my fashion etc and get my blog going the way I had intended to begin with. Happy and prosperous 2013 to all and to me here's to focusing on what I love! Cheers!

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